Coaching With Charlotte


Did you know?

That thing that you want to do, the places you want to go, that book you want to write…

You can have that!


Did you know that the biggest barrier to achieving those goals that have been locked away like a secret in your heart are ABSOLUTELY possible for you!

And I would love to show you how!

Charlotte Ehlers

Think about it…

That desire you hold in your heart for something more, or something different. Or that goal you have had but have never quite achieved it … it is still there inside of you, waiting to be brought into reality.

Up until now, it has remained dormant. If achieving your goals was easy to do on your own,

you would have done so by now

As your coach…

I help you repattern your self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and from achieving even greater results in your life.

Give yourself the gift of a structure of support and accountability. I would LOVE to be your cheerleader, coach and guide you into your own deep knowing. Most importantly, I will be the person who will relentlessly believe in you, even when its hard to believe in yourself, because I know you are meant for so much more!

Together we will:


Uncover those areas of deep desire that have lain dormant for far too long, and help you create a powerful vision for what you would LOVE in all areas of your life.


Repattern limiting beliefs


Move from living by default into living by design—creating an expansive mindset of growth and transformation


Learn to navigate from where you are now to where you would LOVE to be


Take inspired action with support

Are you willing to live a life you would LOVE?

If not now…when?

Group Coaching

Are you willing to live a life you would LOVE?

If not now…when?

Ten Minute Morning


Are you wanting to live a life you would LOVE but
constantly get a feeling like there is NEVER enough time?

Try on this FREE 10 minute morning routine and see how a simple routine
can help you be more present with your family, more productive in your work.

Goodbye Guilt! Hello Freedom!

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